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Download Walts Chicken Menu April 2014

Catering Menu

Download Walts Chicken Catering Menu

About Our Menus

Walt's Chicken French Fries Corn and Biscuts

Chicken can be purchase by the dinner or meals. Buckets or piece...Any chicken only box allows you to add on your choice of 2 lg sides for $6.25.In addition to chicken, Walts has a seafood selection, items from the grill, homemade chicken n dumplings and soups. Finish your meal with our famous ice tea (lemonade called half and half) and our excellent selection of desserts .(homemade cakes, sweet potato pies, banana pudding, cheese cake from the cheesecake factory, ali bean pie and more).

Methods of payments, we accept cash, Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card.

Catering Guides

When using our basic menu. The ratio for chicken is 2 to 3 pcs per person. It can be attained by adding our buckets together (example for 30 guests 10 -10pc boxes or 3-24pc buckets) the ratio for sides are 3-4 serving per lg side. Dessert will feed at least 2 people.

For additional information contact Larry Fletcher or John Hector 302-429-2587.